Challenge Met!

I love Amy’s One Week, One Thing Challenges.  I’ve always been a girl who works well on a deadline.  Okay, well, gets things done on a deadline.  So I set a goal to finish up a dresden plate baby quilt that I’ve been working on as a side project.  I’ve got too many main projects going right now to have a side line and now it’s off the list!  Yay!

Sorry for the less than stellar photo, ironically I’m trying to photograph the quilt named “Sunny Day Dresden” on a nasty, wet and rainy day, so this was the best I could do.




5 responses to “Challenge Met!

  1. 🙂 This is beautiful! It is rainy over here too so my pictures are all taken late at night inside – not perfect. But this is a terrific little quilt! I’ve never tried a dresdon but more and more want to give it a go with all the pretty ones floating around blogland. I like the quilting you went with too.

  2. Your Sunny Day dresden reminds me of a happy, sunshiney flower! 🙂 I think it must be the dark center with those pretty petals. I’m with Sarah *points up* in liking the rayed quilting you made—gives a real ‘I’m shining’ feel. Have you tried picmonkey to help with the rainy day light? I really recommend it. You don’t have to sign up and it’s so quick and easy.

    Also, thank you again for visiting me. 🙂
    Hazle @ Sunt

  3. looks great! Dresdens are on my list of blocks to try. 🙂

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