Sunny Day Dresden

There are some things that have kind of fallen off my to do list since moving and going back to work at a pretty tough job.  Like blogging and my etsy shop.  Photos have been one of my biggest problems, I just didn’t find the right time/weather/light conditions to take half way decent, or really any, photos this winter.  But summer sunlight is shining into the evenings now and my first shop sale since Christmas invigorated me to finally get a recent finish photographed and up in the FallingForPieces Shop!

Probably the last new addition to the shop for awhile though, between wedding quilts, a commissioned church banner, and one more baby just announced at CHMF, I suspect I’m booked for quite awhile!  Given most of the people who read this blog are other quilters, or my mother, but if anyone is looking for a fabulous little baby quilt, this one is up for sale here.


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