There’s really nothing like a large looming deadline for a quilt that, let’s be honest, has officially made it to the “I’m just pretty sick of looking at this thing” stage of quilting.  So, when I noticed a dear Durham friend’s birthday was coming up, I jumped at the chance to take a break from the wedding quilt and make up a quick little birthday present for her!

I adore string quilting and I adore spider web quilts, so it’s kind of hard to believe, but this is my first time making them.  Pretty sure it won’t be the last though!

Now, back to wedding quilting.


5 responses to “Procrastinating

  1. very pretty!

  2. That is an excellent first try! Wow!

  3. That’s beautiful pillow! I love strings, too but nver made! x Teje

  4. Looks like another “Megan” is a lucky gal!

  5. Love this pillow and this pattern! Your friend will be so pleased to receive this wonderful gift.

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