Busy in the Basement

So, my real priority project is to finish quilting my wedding quilt for a wedding that was two weeks ago, but I really can’t find the motivation to sit under ten pounds of queen sized quilt in this July heat.  So I’ve been retreating to the basement, where my sewing studio is all set up for hours of cooler piecing.

Finally checked this black and white values quilt off my half way pieced list (started it in 2009!).  I decided to use it for a wedding present, so that got me motivated.  I’m thinking about machine quilting it, but I’m really not confidant in my machine quilting skills and I’m a little afraid it won’t come out nice enough for a gift.  But on the other hand, my quilting list is quite backed up and I’m not sure when I could get around to hand quilting it.  We’ll see.

While I was working on that I was also piecing little vintage 2″ postage stamps for another quilt as leader/enders. Even though I’ve got probably 500 pieces of yardage, I’m a total sucker for tiny little pieces of fabric.  Scraps are just so fun.  Especially cool vintage scraps from the Mennonite Relief Sale and Lancaster Creative Reuse!

I just fell in love with some of the awesome prints though, and I couldn’t see hiding them all in a big quilt (not to mention one I’ll probably give away).  So I started setting aside a few that I loved.

I laid them all out for a pillow and added some Kona Bone for the background.  A little border, a little hand quilting, a little binding, and we ended up with possibly the worlds largest throw pillow (25″ Square).

I’ve been holding on to some vintage fabric for just the right project and thought this back was it.  I think I may like it as much as the front.

And now I’m totally breaking it in with a nice Sunday afternoon nap!


3 responses to “Busy in the Basement

  1. The black and white quilt is beautiful! I couldn’t imagine quilting it by hand, but you always tend to do such a great job with that.

  2. I love vintage fabrics too and just love the way you have used even the tiniest little scraps here to make something big and beautiful! xCathy

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