Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild

One of my crafting resolutions this year was to find some sort of crafting community.  I love quilting, but sometimes hours of sewing in my basement feels pretty isolated.  I tried a knitting meet-up group shortly after moving to Harrisburg, but it wasn’t a great fit for me.  Though everyone was lovely and friendly, since knitting is not my primary craft and I’m not always knitting something, I felt pressured to find knitting projects just to go to the group.  More pressure and more projects weren’t my goal.

I needed some quilters!  So I tried to make some connections through the Modern Quilt Guild online, but I wasn’t having any success.  Luckily another Harrisburg woman found me online and contacted me, looking for other young quilters to form a Modern Quilt Guild!  How awesome it that?

So, Megan and I will be launching the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild this August.  If you are in the Harrisburg, PA area please consider joining us, we would love to have you.  Anyone is welcome- Harrisburg, Hershey, and West Shore (Carlisle, York and Lancaster people, too, if you’re willing to drive a bit).  If you know any Harrisburg Area quilters, please help us spread the word and make this an awesome guild!


2 responses to “Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild

  1. Good luck with the MQG. I was contemplating changing my flickr and blog name because it is often confused with Capitol and Capital. Love the logo

    • Thanks, Karen! We actually had confusion on that just between myself and the other founder. I spelled it Capitol for the logo and she spelled it Capital for the website. Turns out Capitol is the building and Capital is the metro area. It is confusing though!

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