WIP Wednesday 7


1. Wedding Quilt-   I really ought to say, not quilting.  Still can’t convince myself to sit under a queen sized quilt in July heat.  But I’ll get back to it.

2. Mini Quilt 2 for Historical Festival


3. Scrap Lightning

Actually making some progress on this!  I finished up 39 of the 120 blocks this week.  And then I ran out of the scrap blocks and realized I needed 240 more to finish the rest of the big blocks.  Seriously, this quilt is going to take me ten years!  But I sat down and make a couple dozen more scrappy blocks and it was so much fun that I think I’m okay with the ten year plan.  The free sewing is so just so crazy and relaxing and it’s fun to make a real dent in your scrap collection.

4. Butterfly Quilt #3

Yesterday I got the butterflies folded and machine appliqued them to the blocks.  My goal today is to put in the sashing and embroider the antennae.

Wait Listed for Quilting

5. Black and White Values

6. Blue String Quilt

7. Super Star

8. Four Patch

9. Sweet Geeese

I’ve also been working on clearing out my sewing room (and house) of stuff I just don’t need.  It’s been very freeing.  I’ve finishing up some old projects that I started for the shop way too long ago, hoping to have a few new pillows up this weekend.  I’ve sorted my fabric a little better and got rid of some things that I don’t really love or will never get around to using.  About 25 yards will be heading over to Lancaster Creative Reuse and all of my fabric fits in the boxes again.

Happy WIP Wednesday!


9 responses to “WIP Wednesday 7

  1. The scrap lightning looks like a great scrap buster right up my alley too!

    Love the hankie creation! I have some just lying around in a bin…hmmm

    • Thanks, Sara, it really does use them up. And you don’t even have to love the fabrics, it’s so crazy that even my weird old scraps look just fine, they just blend right into the madness.

  2. the background fabric in scrap lightning is terrific. good for you donating unwanted yardage. I’m such a pack rat I have a hard time parting

  3. Slow and steady is a great thing to have going while you work on other things. It will be a fun quilt! Your butterflies are beautiful!

  4. Love the background colour for scrap lightening. That will so great when it’s finished.

  5. What a great idea for a scrap quilt! It’s nice to see scraps tied together with something other than a ‘traditional neutral’ – love that purple!

  6. I love the scrap lightning quilt! And that purple is to die for! Beautiful!

  7. Scrap lightening….cute!

  8. Wow love that scrap lightening! Feel inspired to do some “crumby” sewing…luv the purple too 🙂

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