The Walker Family Quilts

One of the highlights of the clean out day s at my grand parent’s house was seeing all of the surviving family quilts, some of which I had never seen before.  Now that they will be scattered, I thought it would be good to have a record of them.  And other people can enjoy seeing them, too!

Made in 1898 by Cynthia Carver Walker
My Great-Great Grandmother (my mother’s father’s father’s mother)

Evening Star Blocks set on point with circled heart quilting

Made by Cynthia Carver Walker around 1900

Double T block set on point with grid quilting

By Cynthia Walker Carver

Circle Quilting Design

Martha Washington Star Block

Backing made from feed sack material. If you look in the bottom corner, you can see the word egg showing through!

Made by Pearl Walker (1893-1974)
My Great Grandmother (my mother’s father’s mother)

Embroidered and knotted clothing scrap quilt

How extremely lucky I am to come from long line of talented women!  Not just the Walker’s, we also have at least one Carmany family quilt here and there were great quilters on my father’s side as well, though none of their work has survived.  It’s a privilege to be a generational quilter and carry on the tradition.


3 responses to “The Walker Family Quilts

  1. We’re lucky to have you to carry on the tradition! It by-passed my generation! Love ya, Mom

  2. What a treasure trove! What beautiful quilts and quilting. Love the double Ts and to think women were quilting in modern colors way back when!

  3. You are so lucky to have such beautiful family quilts. That double t in those colors looks just as though it could have been made right now it is so current.

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