Florence Mae Carmany Walker 1924-2012

Ma and Me at a Church Christmas Party

Thursday, the dearest person in the world to me, my beloved Ma, passed away.

Pansy Quilt from Ma

She was an amazing woman.  A wife for 67 years, wonderful mother and grandmother, an active member of her church.  And she was so talented, a fabulous cook, gardener, and quilter.

Binding a quilt with Ma

I am so very grateful to be her granddaughter.  I’m thankful for every minute I spent with her.  I’m thankful that she shared her talent with me and taught me to quilt.  But above all, I am thankful that she taught me so much about what it is to love and that she truly loved me unconditionally.


3 responses to “Florence Mae Carmany Walker 1924-2012

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that we out here in “blogland” are sending good wishes your way!

  2. So very sorry to hear of your loss. So wonderful that you have had the love and nurturing and understand it’s true value.

  3. She sounds like a lovely woman. She lived through some hard decades, too. I’m sorry you lost such a beautiful presence in your life. Heaven gained a valiant soul.

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