Still Quilting

Things are hard right now.  Really hard.  It’s been an incredibly hard year all around.  Moving for a new job that didn’t work out.  Worrying about when/if I’m going to have to move again.  Losing my Grandmother.  Losing my Uncle three days later.  Things are hard and I am pretty much exhausted.

I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about quilting after losing Ma.  I was worried that the joy would just go out of it for me.  But during one of the last visits I had with her while she was still coherent, she kept asking the hospital staff that came into the room if they wanted to see something beautiful, and telling me to show them the quilt I was working on, a version of the butterfly quilt I’d made for her this spring.  That’s what I think about when I’m quilting now, how quilting was something special that we shared right up to the end.  And how proud she was to have someone continue the tradition.

So, I’m still quilting.  Sometimes it is too hard and I have to walk away.  But mostly I get lost in the repetition and driven to finish just one more block, then one more after that.  And right now, getting lost in an endless stream of tiny hand stitches seems like the perfect distraction.  So I just keep quilting.


5 responses to “Still Quilting

  1. .My grandmother was the light of my life and my best friend. She died 14 years ago at the age of almost 100. She still lives inside of me every day…, in the Christmas cookies I bake, in the sewing I do or the

    gardening or the appreciation of life. She had a very hard life. Both her parents died at Christmas and yet she managed to make every Christmas of our lives so wonderful. At the time I never realized how hard that was for her. My mother now suffers with Parkinsons at 91. She taught me that when I feel sad myself, I should do something nice for someone else. And thus the quilting, which has saved my life. Thank you Grandma and thank you Mother. I am sending good wishes to you during this hard time. Jill, keep quilting, your grandmother would be proud of you.

  2. Life is really a unique bunch of stitches, God has provided the pattern in us and we go forth each day trusting His pattern for us. Our hands can create something beauiful and what a blessing it can be to someone else. Just keep on, keeping on and stitching.

  3. I am sorry that life is so hard for you right now. It is tough when you lose your “quilting buddy”—I lost the one person that I always shared my love of quilting with just a few years ago and it felt like a double loss. How wonderful, though, that such a beautiful part of your grandmother still “lives” through the quilts that you now make!
    Regarding you job not working out, I was wondering how it was going since you hadn’t really blogged about it at all. I am sorry that it did not turn out to be a good fit for you. The world is definitely a hard place right now…I hope you can take some comfort in the fact that many of us out here in Blogland care about you and are sending good wishes your way! Keep quilting and sharing your inspiration as it is definitely a boon for others (myself included!) who struggle daily to just keep going!

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