WIP Wednesday 9

Despite my best intentions to finish what I’ve already started and really tackle my stacks of WIPs and UFOs, this list just seems to keep growing.  In my defense, I’ve inherited a lot of the projects.  Still, with two quilts in frames, 8 more waiting to be quilted, and various piecing projects, I decided to take a much needed break from hand quilting by starting yet another project.  And a pretty massive one at that.  Inspired by this beloved quilt from my childhood, I decided I wanted to make a modern version of Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

Hand Piecing

1. Seven flowers together, pieces for ten more cut out and basted on the templates, probably another 4o some to go, plus the background.

I’m torn on the background. My original vision was this text print, but I’m a little worried that the quilt will be too busy.  I’m testing it out with a few flowers now.


2. Blue String Quilt- I’m about half way through quilting this throw quilt (about time, since it was started in 2009), have to keep moving, it’s for an October wedding gift.

3. Megan’s Wedding Quilt has sadly been pushed to the side for the summer heat.  Hopefully it will be front and center again after the October wedding.


4. Juliet’s Bag- One more bag needed for my church

5. Scrap Lightning

6. Star Quilt

Waiting to be Quilted

7.  Waterlilies Quilt- I’ve just inherited this quilt and the Shoo Fly quilt from two of my grandmother’s nieces.  They were wedding presents for them 40 some years ago.  No one is quite sure how they remained unquilted for so long, but they’ve asked me to finish them.

8.  Shoofly

9.  Navy and Red Dresden Plate

10.  Double Wedding Ring

11.  Pink and Green Dresden Plate

12. Black and White Values

13. Super Star

14. Four Patch

15. Sweet Geese

So, there it is.  A much too long list, and honestly, I can only expect to finish maybe three things off it in the next month.  It’s enough to make a girl consider learning to machine quilt.

Lots more motivational WIPs are linked up at Lee‘s.


9 responses to “WIP Wednesday 9

  1. Wow! I really admire that you hand quilt everything! That Shoo Fly quilt is stunning.

  2. Wow, I am impressed you hand quilt everything! I like to have at least one hand quilting project on the go, but it takes me forever. Those inherited quilts are lovely, what fabulous projects you have on the go! Good luck, you are going to be busy! 🙂

  3. Liking your new version of Grandmother’s Flower Garden. What size templates are you using and did you buy the templates or make your own?

  4. Great to see someone else has started a Hexagon quilt. love it so far. Have you got a quieter text print? say two shades of cream text. or black and white with more white showing. Just a thought.

    • I had initially envisioned a print that was more black and a little less busy, but I don’t have one and my fabric buying budget is currently zero. I’m hoping I can have a Tim Gunn worthy “make it work” kind of moment.

  5. Love that shoo fly quilt

  6. So many lovely projects !

  7. I can totally relate! Too many Wonderful projects, not enough time! Wonderful post. from Esty, Go 123Team! ; )

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