There is Hope for the Long Term WIPs

Today I’m celebrating a big finish.  The Blue String Quilt which was started before this blog and appeared on my very first WIP list here is FINALLY finished.  Now it’s ready to head off to it’s new home this week, celebrating my cousin’s wedding.



It’s hard to find modern quilting stencils for hand quilting, so I very happy to come across TSC Designs earlier this year.  Although not designed for quilter’s specifically, they work great and they have wonderful modern stencils.

I really love being able to give a quilt for a wedding gift and I hope that my cousin and his new wife enjoy it!


3 responses to “There is Hope for the Long Term WIPs

  1. Love the embroidered block! they will love the quilt too!

  2. Your cousin is one lucky guy! I wish I had someone in my family who would make me a quilt!
    Thanks for the beautiful pics!

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