A Surprise Quilt Show

On my way home from my weekend trip to Western PA for a cousin’s wedding, I passed the Bedford Historical Society.  I thought I saw a sign that said “Quilt Show,” but I was already passed the turn when it registered.  But a few hundred feet up the road was a sign, “Quilts: Turn Around,”  and I started to waiver.  And one more “Quilts: Turn Around Sign” just before a small auto dealer that made an easy turn around.  Well, even though you do, apparently, have to tell me twice, it did get me to turn around.

Although not a big show, the admission fee was only $2, there were some very nice quilts, so I was happy I stopped.  Thought I’d share with you two of my favorites.

Tree of Life by Judy Herr of Everett, PA

I found the applique on this quilt so beautiful.

The a`pplique

And one of the definitive stars of the show, this stunningly embroidered crazy quilt.

This crazy quilt was a gift to Dulcie Hann Cogan (1893-1980) from an elderly man whom she nursed. It is currently owned by Dulcie’s granddaughter.

The stunning embelishments

Victorian Crazy quilts…maybe one more addition to my quilting bucket list?  Probably won’t ever happen, but a girl can dream.


One response to “A Surprise Quilt Show

  1. an antique crazy quilt was a major inspiration that started my quilting journey – although now I doubt I’ll ever recreate that beauty as I had planned to. This particular crazy quilt had base blocks that were diamond shaped and sewn into a star pattern. I’ve never seen another like it.

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