Improv Workshop

This weekend the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild hosted its first sew-in workshop and I had my very first chance to teach a group!  There was lots of creativity and fun.  All around a pretty good day.  You can check out everyone’s work over at the CAMQG Blog.
I wanted to be able to show the group several different types of improv blocks and passing books around  and flipping pages just seemed slow, so I decided to dig into my scrap bin a bit and make a baby sampler quilt.

This block was my personal favorite, and all the ladies agreed.

It’s was a bit smaller than I like for baby quilts, so I’ve been working up a nice improv border.  Because I just hate the idea of putting that much work into something that will be too small for them in less than a year, most of my “baby quilts” are really toddler quilts.  Anyway, I came home from the sew-in day and cleaned my sewing room.  Now I’m feeling very motivated to spend time in there, it’s so clean and organized, so I imagine I’ll get the border on very soon, hopefully later this week.
Until next time,



3 responses to “Improv Workshop

  1. So adorable! That will be one lucky baby to come into the world wrapped in such a beautiful quilt!

  2. nice! and my toddler loves her ‘baby’ quilt from you … thankful for its size!

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