Good News and Bad News

Good news: My basement dwelling sewing room survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed.  And it was a good excuse to clean it well.

Good News: I started a new job today!  I’m back to work for the state, but now in the York County Office of Assistance (best known as the food stamps people).  I don’t even have to move!
Bad News: My seven year old lap top finally died a total death on Friday, forcing me to resort to my college era lap top that has a host of its own issues.  I’ve been trying to focus on growing my shop, especially with the Christmas season coming up and that seems like it will be nearly impossible without a fully functional computer.

Good News: The shop is still open.  I’m still able to sell the things I’ve already listed, I just won’t be able to list new things for the moment.  If you’re looking for a fabulous hand made Christmas gift, please consider supporting my work!

Bad News: I’m going to have to take a break from sharing here on the blog.  But I will be back as soon as I get back on a functional computer.

GOOD NEWS FOR YOU: I’m one of the sponsors for Sew, Mama, Sew’s incredible series, Handmade Holidays.  Today you have a chance to win a personalized tote bag from me, just by commenting over at SMS.  You can find the post here.
Until next time, whenever that might be,


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