The 2012 Goals in Review

At the beginning of the year I set six goals for myself and it’s time to see how I fared.

Goal #1: Finish What I’ve Started

WIP from 2009 finally off the list!

WIP from 2009 finally off the list!

Although I certainly started new projects this year and inherited even more, I reduced my WIP boxes from four down to three and moved several old WIPs on to new homes.  Judges say: Not too shabby.

Goal #2 Use what I’ve got.  Buy only what I really need or truly love.  Donate things I’ll never use.

I did so-so on this one.  I donated a good amount to Lancaster Creative Reuse.  I didn’t buy nearly as much fabric as I have in past years.  But the reality is, I still probably have more fabric than I could use in the next ten years, so I’d like to be even more thoughtful this coming year about sewing related spending.

Goal #3 Grow my knitting skills.  Make socks with heels.  Knit my first sweater.

That would be a total fail.  I tried to start the socks like four times.  I never even got off the cuff.  I’ve decided I just don’t like size one needles.  I still want to do a sweater, I just haven’t had the time to do something for me, but hopefully in 2013.

Goal #4  Grow my quilting skills.  Take some classes.

Also a total fail.  This year’s insanity just did not have the time or the budget for classes.  But I think this coming year has a lot more potential for a class or two and being a part of a guild gives me good opportunities for informal classes.

Goal #5  Be more involved in the crafting community.  Join a guild.

Well, I guess co-founding guild definitively counts!  The Capital Area MQG has been pretty awesome.  I’ve loved the chance to get to know local quilters.  I’ve loved the chance to teach.   All I can say is, yes, more please next year. I’ve also recently joined the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and I’m excited to see how that goes.

Goal #6  Give more back.  Donate at least five quilts to charity.

Rainy Day Quilts Donated in Honor of Florence Walker

Rainy Day Quilts Donated in Honor of Florence Walker

I made it, but just barely, and it wasn’t really what I had in mind.  I hoped to be able to donate a few good quilts to the Mennonite Relief Sales here in Harrisburg and in Virginia.  But lap/baby quilts were all I could manage.

Tomorrow it’s 2013 and time for new goals.  Wishing you a happy and safe night of celebration!


4 responses to “The 2012 Goals in Review

  1. I wish for you a Happy Healthy New Year 2013 and I enjoy your blog very much. Keep quilting.

  2. I like that you picked a small number of reasonable goals which you were able to accomplish (mostly!) even with a move, a new job, and other family/life problems. My favorite one was that you donated a bunch of lovely quilts in your grandmother’s name–what a great way for a baby to start out in this world!
    Keep up the inspiring posts!

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