The 2013 Goals

Goal #1 Focus on the quilting.

The major back log on my WIP list tends to be the quilting stage and I want to focus on finishing the quilts I’ve started.  And, I want to quilt one quilt for myself, just because.

Goal #2 Enjoy!

As much as I want to move things along and start new projects and create new things, I equally do not want to stress myself out about quilting.  Creating is a joyous thing!  Quilting should not be a “should” or a “have to” in my life.

Goal #3 Share the Joy!

Donate a quilt to the VA Relief Sale this fall, finish the quilt my grandmother started for the homeless shelter, and make at least five baby/lap quilts to donate.

Goal #4 Use what I’ve got

Same goal as last year, buy only what I really need or truly love.  Donate things that I’m not using.

Goal #5  Grow my skills

Knit a sweater.  Paper piece a fancy star.

Goal #6 Grow into the crafting community

This year I’m looking forward to more teaching and leadership opportunities, to historical demonstrations, and classes where I can learn.

Sounds doable, right?  Any goals from readers?  I’d love to hear what you’re planning for the new year!


One response to “The 2013 Goals

  1. Learn stranded knitting, Fair Isle is another name for this type of knitting.

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