Quilting Events Galore


State Flowers Quilt by Linda Kinsey

The joy (and sometimes danger) of living in such a traditionally quilt-y place like Central Pennsylvania is the amazing amount of quilt events one can find.  Today and yesterday was perhaps my favorite event, the Pennsylvania Relief Sale.  With truly incalculable numbers of volunteer hours quilting, cooking, and organizing the event, hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised for missions.  The Quilter’s Attic Booth raised $4,000 in just 5 hours on Friday evening and when I left today, the Quilt auction had already raised over $70,000, all going towards the fantastic work of Mennonite Central Committee!


1. Irises Quilt appliqued by Dolly Kauffman and quilted by Conestoga Mennonite Church
2. Goldfinch by Helen Brackin
3. Pinwheels by Path Valley Amish
4. Vintage Postage Stamp by Janet Runion Patton
5. Vintage Dresden Plate donated by the Material Resource Center of Harleysville
6/7. Vintage Appliqued Flower donate by Ellen Tarpey
8. Vintage Cathedral Windows donated by Ellen Tarpey
9. Stairway to Cat Heaven pieced by Rachel Horst, quilted by Marie Eby

I considered bidding on a few of these, but unfortunately, I have great taste in quilts and all my top picks went for upwards of $500.  So alas, I had to content myself to fabulous vintage fabrics from the Quilter’s Attic Booth (a really dangerous place for me to volunteer, I just kept finding more awesomeness as the day went on).  Guess I’ll just have to keep making my own quilts.  But I’m feeling much more inspired to sew again.  Between moving and the new job and the winter dragging on here, I’ve found myself pretty much exhausted and down the past few weeks and very uninspired in my sewing room.  But it seems like a personal day, sunny weather, quilts, and a giant room full of Mennonites was just the thing to get me out of the that funk and I’ve been happily sewing away since I got home.  MCC Relief Sales are held all across the US and Canada, if you live near one I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I have a few more reports from my quilting trips coming up soon and maybe even a few of my own quilts back here again soon!


2 responses to “Quilting Events Galore

  1. I live in Dover (York county) and have never been to this. I didn’t know that they sold fabric too. What kind of prices do you have to pay? We dont’ have quilt shops or fabric shops in York (except for Joann’s.) We end up going to Lancaster to buy fabric.

  2. Pam! I work in York and live just across the county line in Columbia. Nice to meet a fellow nearby quilter. The PA Relief Sale Quilter’s Attic Booth has amazing fabric and sewing notions and their prices are fantastic. $2/yd for quilt shop quality cottons, $3.00/yd for vintage (feedsack type) fabrics, vintage quilt blocks, scrap pieces for $1 bag, embroidery hoops for $0.25. I’d recommend it to any quilter. Best to be there first thing for the best selection or last thing (they knock all the prices down by 50% at the end). Check it out for sure next year!

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