Festival of Strings: Twin Quilts for Twin Girls

Twin Strings

I’ve made a lot of quilts over the years and most of them I’ve liked quite a bit.  But if I had to sum up my quilting style in one work- this pair of quilts would be it.  Scrappy.  Traditional pattern and hand quilting.  Modern fabrics.  Bold printed back.  One wonky, one precise- Ireally go both ways on that one.  My favorite colors- purple and aqua.  And made for a wonderful couple to celebrate their twin daughters.


Also, well timed!  I didn’t plan these for the Festival of Strings, but I just finished up the second one last week, so it couldn’t have worked out better.


I’ve been hanging on to these cool IKEA fabrics for several years now and was glad to finally put them to good use.


Like nearly all of my quilts, even these favorites, they don’t get to stay in my house long, they’re off to North Carolina next week.  But that just frees me up to work on my next favorite quilt!





14 responses to “Festival of Strings: Twin Quilts for Twin Girls

  1. Oh, oh. I love your hand quilting. (I hand-quilted exclusively until late last year, and while my production has increased…nothing beats the texture and drape of a hand-quilted quilt.) These are total stunners. I hope the lucky little girls who receive them love them to bits.

  2. runandsewquilts

    Love, love your twin quilts!

  3. What a great pair of quilts for twins!

  4. Beautiful finishes! I am loving your color combos.

  5. Oh, they are so gorgeous! Love the colour palette and they are so striking!

  6. I love the color combination! Those were the colors I always used when I was pregnant! Hahaha. One question, what thread and needle do you use to handquilt?

    • Thank you!

      I always use number 7 or 8 “between” needles. For these quilts I used mostly cotton perle 8. I also used three strands of embroidery thread for the dark purple, not my favorite to hand quilt with, but I didn’t have cotton perle in the right color, it works in a pinch.

  7. Beautiful color combinations. Really great backing too.:)

  8. Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous! I just love the colors you chose for these quilts. And the backing is lovely too!

  9. Lucky twins! Pretty alone and very pretty together…
    ; )

  10. What a beautiful set! Love the wonky spider web style.

  11. Very pretty! I found you through Rachel’s String Festival and am thrilled….so much so that I’m a new follower.

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