Humility Block

There is a long standing theory/myth that traditionally quilters made one intentional mistake in every quilt- turning a block wrong, using a different color patch, etc- as a religious tradition.  Because only God is perfect, no one should attempt to make a perfect quilt, so women supposedly included a “humility block” in all their quilts.  According to quilt historians and scholars there has never been a single documented case of this.  There are plenty of quilts with one mistake in them, but no evidence from a primary source that they are intentional.


When putting together my last post, I discovered my very own “humility bl0ck” and I assure you, it was fully unintentional.  I didn’t see it when I laid out the block, sewed the block, pieced the quilt, sandwiched the quilt, or even quilted the mistake block itself.  In fact, I didn’t see it at all until I posted photos of the quilt.  Our eyes are incredible editors aren’t they?

Humility Block

I’m totally okay with it my humility block, I think it gives the quilt character!  A little mark of my humanity in the work.


3 responses to “Humility Block

  1. I’ve never had to intentionally make an error, there are enough already!

  2. I love the humility myth/tradition -I think it would be pretty dang confident to say if you don’t intentionally make one mistake your work will be absolutely perfect, I know I never have that problem! 🙂

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