BQF- Megan’s Wedding Quilt: Full Journey

This is not the first time this quilt has shown up here, but it’s a pretty epic finish for me, as well as a very special gift, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing it again for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  This quilt was on display for almost two months at my guild’s quilt exhibit and there were a few questions that consistently came up, so I though I’d share them my answers with you here, along with the whole start to finish journey of this quilt.

Building Blocks

All the Half Square Triangles

1) How long did this take you?  I worked on it for 18 months.  But it was fairly sporadic at points and there were months when I didn’t touch it at all, so how many hours- I have no idea.  A lot.  See next question.

Megan's Block

The Blocks come together

Megan's Quilt

The Quilt Top

Wedding Quilt Sandwich


2) How many stitches do you think are in there?  Well, for the machine piecing/binding and the hand binding, again, no idea.  But since the quilting was one design repeated 16 times, I could measure the quilting of one block and then do some math.  Turns out, there are roughly 3,696 inches of hand quilting in this and I averaged 5.5 stitches per inch in the quilting, which brings the grand total to 20,328 stitches, give or take.

Hand Quilting Megan's Quilt


Megan's Wedding Quilt

The Finished Quilt

3) How much would that cost?  To borrow from the good folks at Mastercard, “There are some things in life money can’t buy, for everything else…” and, no, I don’t accept Mastercard.  20,000 hand stitches is my way of saying I love you.  Really love you.  It’s not for sale.

Quilt Label

Quilt Label

The very best part- The Giving

The very best part, giving it away

Thanks for sharing the journey with me.  I’m happy to say this quilt is finally in it’s new home (you may have noticed it was a little overdue if you read the label with the wedding date closely) and it really was wonderful to be able to give something so special to my friend Megan.  She has been a pretty incredible friend to me since our very first day of college when we moved into the same tiny dorm room together, worth every stitch.

If you’re interested in voting, I’m entering this in the hand quilting category.  I’m also entering a quilt in the baby quilts category, you can check that quilt out here.  Enjoy the festival!


8 responses to “BQF- Megan’s Wedding Quilt: Full Journey

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  2. lovely quilt. when i am asked “how much did it cost?” my standard reply is “you dont want to know”. it usually takes me “quite a while” to finish them too!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful stitching!

  4. Congratulations on finishing your gift of love! Enjoy Megan!

  5. The quilt is wonderful. The hand quilting makes this an heirloom to pass down for generations.

  6. This is really gorgeous. What a beautiful gift. Lovely work with all that amazing hand stitching.

  7. My goodness, what a lot of stitches!
    It really is perfect and what a wonderful present to give!

  8. What a mammoth effort – that is a lot of stitches – but worth every one!

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