What’s in a name?

One of the fun commissions that I have is making church activity bags for the children of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship.  They get filled up with coloring books and the like for the kids to entertain themselves during the service.  Each child that regularly attends gets their own personalized bag and there are generic bags for visitors.


This latest batch of kids gave me some challenges.  Four or five letters fit pretty easily on the bags, 6 or 7 can happen with careful tiny piecing.  But this time around I had Wycliffe- great eight letters!


Tons of tiny seams!


But it got done in less the bag width of 13.5 inches.  Thank goodness for skinny L and I!

Wycliffe Square

Now, we’ll just have to hope the kids all like their bags!


One response to “What’s in a name?

  1. What fun bags. Personalized is such a cool idea. Great job with Wycliffe, the W almost counts as 2 letters.

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