Table Scraps!

Yes, I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the earth here on the blog for the last few months.  I took a summer break from having wifi at home.  And I’ve been drowning under a pile of in progress quilts that are waiting on their big reveal.

Rainbow Strings Close Up

And here it is!  Almost.  More than a dozen quilts of mine will be on display at the Parrot Gallery this fall.  It’s been more challenging than I could have imagined.  There is a whole new level of anxiety for me when it comes to hanging my quilts on the wall and calling them art.  Obsessing if their good enough.  Figuring out the hanging.  The semi tortured process of writing an artist statement.  The whole deal.  But I’ve finally started to feel like it’s going to happen and maybe it’s even going to go well.

So please come and celebrate scraps with me!


Table Scraps: A quilter’s reflection on Mark 7: 24-30

Opening November 7, 2014 in conjunction with Lancaster First Friday

Parrot Gallery at Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster

328 West Orange Street, Lancaster, PA


4 responses to “Table Scraps!

  1. Jill, that is awesome! You do great work and you should be very proud of the artistic detail you put in your quilts. I can’t wait to “see” what you have been up to all summer,

  2. [ Smiles ] Your work is most beautiful!

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