Table Scraps: Virtual Tour

It was more than 3 years ago, when I was living in Durham, NC that I mentioned casually at a dinner party that I’d like to make a quilt based on the story of the  Syrophonecian Woman.  It took me awhile but I made a whole quilt show instead.  For those weren’t able to see it in person, please feel free to enjoy the virtual tour below.  If you just want the eye candy, skip to the smilebox by clicking on the photo below.  If you’re interested in my thoughts behind the quilts, please feel free to read my artist statement, Table Scraps Statement.


The majority of the quilts are for sale.  If you’re interested the please read the Table Scraps Price List.

Also a giant thank you to all the people who helped me get this show off the ground.  Chad, for inviting me to have the show.  Lila, for her amazing hanging help.  Mary Lou, for all her general awesomeness at the gallery.  Susan, for providing wonderful food for the open.  Chris, for listening to all my pre-show anxiety.  And many many others for coming to see the show, kind comments, and supporting me as a quilter and artist over the years.



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