Special Blocks for Special Folks


In a recent success, the scrappy quilt top for my bed is finally together after eight years of (off and on) work.  It was pretty late in the game, just a few months ago, that I decided to add some special blocks to the top.


It started with this simple cross.  I’ve been looking for a good place for some fabric that my friend and pastor Susan brought me in the hospital, greens for a sign of new life and hope.  I’m so happy to have a reminder of her love and support and our wonderful church.

From there came family-

Mom's Blocks

For mother, fabrics from Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic

reminders of a wonderful trip we took together last year.


A music note for my father, a talented pianist

Ryan's Block

A piece of my brother’s shirt, bought with our grandfather


A swan for my sister with good memories of the Living Waters Swans


A white birch for Pa, my maternal grandfather

who had a lovely white birch in his front yard


Ma, my maternal grandmother, who taught me to sew


And a tiny scrap left over from this photo album cover Ma made for me as a baby


A bit of a handkerchief from Gram, my paternal grandmother

Papa's Block

Mickey Mouse for Papa, my paternal grandfather,

an avid collector of Mickey Mouse watches


And of course, the love of my life, Liv

A few friends-


Sunflower yellows for my F&M roommate, Megan


A bit of the shirt my dearest friend, Chris, wore to his ordination

Chris is a pastor, camper, and tender of chickens

And last, but in no way least, my church and my denomination


The Mennonite Dove

Of course there are a hundred more little reminders that only I can see.  This fabric left from a cousin’s wedding quilt, another from a baby quilt for a friend, on and on.  A literal scrap book of my quilting life to date.  It certainly isn’t perfect, my seams don’t always match and the thickness of the tiny piecing make ironing flat nearly impossible.  But I expect I will always love this quilt in a way that no other quilt will ever quite match.


5 responses to “Special Blocks for Special Folks

  1. At CHMF tonight I was reminded about the special way the people we love hold places in our lives that only they can fill. I love the way these special people in your life have a place on this very personal quilt. A way that they still tangibly have a place even when they may be gone. Your quilts are an act of love and I love that this quilt is for you. Beautiful!

    • Jill, How very precious memories you have incorporated into your quilt. You are truly a very creative and personable lady.

  2. Love it!

  3. I love the birth tree block!! And of course the green one 🙂

  4. Wow. Just, wow. This is an amazing and inspiring quilt project. I would love to create something this meaningful. Thank you for sharing it.

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