Kaleidoscope Quilt: From Pieces to Present

I think one of the most common questions I get asked as a quilter is “How long did that take you to make?” which is not the easiest question to answer.  I nearly never sit down and make a project from start to finish in one go or even few days or weeks.  But here’s one timeline for a very special quilt that just went home.

January 2017: 1,080 triangles cut and pieced

July 2017: Completed quilt top


July 2017: Sandwiching and Framing

July 2017-July 2018: Hand quilting approximately 62,000 stitches


July 2018: Liv (my cat) is tired of quilting


August 2018: Binding


August 30, 2018: Finished


and the back


September 2018: Award Winning!


October 2018: Adding the label

October 27, 2018: My brother, Ryan, married my new sister, Danielle!


October 28, 2018: The Kaleidoscope Quilt goes to home


For all that timeline, I still couldn’t really tell you how long it took.  Hours upon uncountable hours.  And hours upon uncountable hours over my 25 years of quilting to develop the skills.  Quilts, particularly hand quilted ones, make little sense in 2018.  We can much more efficiently keep ourselves warm.  And there are numerous art forms that more easily lend themselves to speed and reproduction and therefore profitability.  But this quilt isn’t about any of that.  I do hope it will keep them warm and I hope they will enjoy it as art for many years to come.  But above all, I hope they will know that all of the uncountable time and each and every one of those impracticle 62,000 hand stitches represent my love for them and my hope for the life they will share together.

One response to “Kaleidoscope Quilt: From Pieces to Present

  1. Sandra Vander Linde

    This is truly a piece of art made with love. Thank you for writing this piece and for sharing some more pictures up close. I love the quilting and colors. Beautiful!!

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