This was a stretch for me color-wise because reds and oranges aren’t my go to’s, but I’m glad that I stretched because I LOVE it.


I’m also in love with the print on the back and so glad I finally found a place for it.

Cornered with Back 2

Until next time.  Jill


Bib Making Craze

Sewing for babies is too much fun, especially when it’s for someone you really love.   I set out to make a few bibs for the six month “birthday” of my best friend’s son but I just couldn’t stop.  Now I’m stocked for a few baby showers, which is never a bad thing.

Bib Mosaic

The patchwork were fun, but I loved the monsters the most.

Bibs Monsters

I didn’t follow a pattern, but I was inspired by this picture.  If you need a pattern this looks like a good resource.

Happy 6 Months Alyosha!


Abandoned Quilt Tops

At one point I was over 50 works in progress, which is ridiculous.  I don’t mind having multiple projects going but there is an upper limit which one should not exceed I think and 50 is over it.   So, for December and January, my goal has been to clean out, finish up, donate.  Lots of fabric has gone to LCR.  But more exciting to me, lots of tops are getting knotted to go off to nursing homes.

Charity Quilts 1 Postage Stamps Zig Zag #2

It feels wonderful to have them off my list and out of my house.  And even better that they are, hopefully, bringing some warmth and cheer to someone who needs it.

If you have old tops laying around this a great easy way to finish them up quickly- just knot them up and give them away.  And if you’re not interested in that, please think about donating them to Quilter’s Attic for the Mennonite Relief Sale or Lancaster Creative Reuse so someone else can put them to good use!

Until next time,



Table Scraps: Virtual Tour

It was more than 3 years ago, when I was living in Durham, NC that I mentioned casually at a dinner party that I’d like to make a quilt based on the story of the  Syrophonecian Woman.  It took me awhile but I made a whole quilt show instead.  For those weren’t able to see it in person, please feel free to enjoy the virtual tour below.  If you just want the eye candy, skip to the smilebox by clicking on the photo below.  If you’re interested in my thoughts behind the quilts, please feel free to read my artist statement, Table Scraps Statement.


The majority of the quilts are for sale.  If you’re interested the please read the Table Scraps Price List.

Also a giant thank you to all the people who helped me get this show off the ground.  Chad, for inviting me to have the show.  Lila, for her amazing hanging help.  Mary Lou, for all her general awesomeness at the gallery.  Susan, for providing wonderful food for the open.  Chris, for listening to all my pre-show anxiety.  And many many others for coming to see the show, kind comments, and supporting me as a quilter and artist over the years.


You are known and loved #2 and 3

I’m on a serious text on quilt trend right now- not just text prints, although I do love them, but also improv piecing letters into the quilt itself.  I used the core values from my church on a quilt for my best friend’s baby earlier this year and knew it would have to be repeated.

Baby Shapes Back on Fence 1

You are Known and Loved #1

Working in the welfare office can be a pretty frustrating and draining place– the kind of place that can use a of message of hope.  I was happy to hang this quilt up in my office as a reminder that I, my clients, supervisors, even the politicians are known and loved by God.  No matter how frustrating any of us may be sometimes.


You are Known and Loved #2

Sometimes, as the daughter of a blind father, it can be a little sad that my father can’t fully experience my quilts and for a long time I’ve wanted to make a Braille piece for him.  The White Rainbow by Shruti Dandekar at Houston Quilt Market was a kick to actually make it happen.  Her quilt was beautiful, but not something a visually impaired person could actually read, so I went a very different way for creating my Braille.  I decided to use a whole lot of french knots- one for each of the dots.

You are Known and Loved #3

You are Known and Loved #3

If I were to do this again, I would leave a little more space between the rows- he had a bit of trouble losing track of what row he was in the first time through.  Otherwise it turned out pretty well.

My Dad

My Dad (and Leila the cat)

Until next time!  Jill


Table Scraps!

Yes, I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the earth here on the blog for the last few months.  I took a summer break from having wifi at home.  And I’ve been drowning under a pile of in progress quilts that are waiting on their big reveal.

Rainbow Strings Close Up

And here it is!  Almost.  More than a dozen quilts of mine will be on display at the Parrot Gallery this fall.  It’s been more challenging than I could have imagined.  There is a whole new level of anxiety for me when it comes to hanging my quilts on the wall and calling them art.  Obsessing if their good enough.  Figuring out the hanging.  The semi tortured process of writing an artist statement.  The whole deal.  But I’ve finally started to feel like it’s going to happen and maybe it’s even going to go well.

So please come and celebrate scraps with me!


Table Scraps: A quilter’s reflection on Mark 7: 24-30

Opening November 7, 2014 in conjunction with Lancaster First Friday

Parrot Gallery at Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster

328 West Orange Street, Lancaster, PA

It isn’t always black and white

Sometimes of my long overdue WIPS seem to trace my (somewhat frequent) moving habit.

In Black and White 2

I started piecing these blocks five some years ago in Durham, NC.  I got the top together two years ago in Harrisburg, PA.  And I, finally, quilted it here in Columbia, PA.



And now, it found it’s home near my original home in western Pennsylvania as my cousin’s wedding gift.

Always a great feeling to finish something so long overdue!  Five of twelve done on my over due goal list.

Fall 2014 Progress