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A Little Luck

I don’t really believe in luck, but if I did, I wouldn’t call myself a terribly lucky person.  But maybe my luck is starting to turn.

Last week I got a lovely email from Kristin at Sew, Mama, Sew! saying I’d won a yard of fabric.  And today I came home to a lovely yard of Madrona Road Fabric!  What a nice break from the standard junk mail and bills.  Thanks so much to the Sew, Mama, Sew! Shop.



The Border Debate

After neglecting the wedding quilt for several weeks (for a very important project, I promise) last week I churned out the remaining 9 blocks I needed AND got them all together in time for the Bridal Shower.

Your only seeing half the quilt in this picture.  Weighing in at 91.5″ squared, pre-border, this thing is big.  And I’m thinking of making it bigger?  Well, 91.5″ is okay for the width, but it’s a bit short for the length of a Queen, especially since the woman I’m making this for is a rather obsessive bed maker.  Pretty sure she would not be satisfied if it didn’t make it up over the pillows nicely.  Plus, I’m hand quilting it (with cotton perle, don’t worry, haven’t completely lost my mind) and I know it will be getting tugged at and moved around a lot during that process, so a border is going to add some stability to the edges that all those seams on the edges just don’t have. Plus, I was all stoked to get the border fabric 50% at the PA Fabric Depot.  But when I got there, only 20 or so bolts of quilting fabric were included in the sale.  Not cool, PA Fabric Depot.  So, I was heading back toward,  “I don’t really need borders, do I?”  Stability, eh.  Pillow tuck, who cares.

Then I remembered, I live near Lancaster, land of the Amish/Mennonite back woods fabric shop heavens.  And I’ve heard great things about their sale rooms online.  So I grabbed a friend for an impromptu trip to Lititz, PA to see what Weaver’s Dry Goods might have in stock.  Answer: A lot.  I wouldn’t call their selection as a whole modern, but there are certainly some good modern prints in the mix, and the selection is huge.  Sometimes they apparently have sale fabric in a trailer, I wasn’t lucky enough to hit one of those days, but the sale room in the shop has a pretty substantial selection.  I found a print that I love for the border and, perhaps even better, I got 108″ wide quilt backing fabric for $4.50/yd.  Yes, you read that right.  I was going to piece the back of this quilt, but you can’t beat the easiness of a whole cloth back and you certainly can’t beat it for that price!

I maybe picked up a half yard of some irresistable sale fabrics, too.

And, I got Kona Snow! (Robert Kaufman Konas, $4.99/yd).  I was telling the very nice Old Order Mennonite woman who was ringing me up that every time I stock up on snow, it’s gone in a minute.  Her response, wait for it, “it just melts away.”  Awesome.

So, now I must spend my day sewing lots and lots to assuage my fabric buying guilt!  There are really worse things in the world.

Challenge #1 to the 2012 Crafting Goals

I found my new apartment in Harrisburg this week and I’m totally stoked about that.  Plus I went exploring the town a little and of course, somehow magically I’m sure, “fabric” got typed into my garmin and I found my way to the PA Fabric Outlet.

First off, the place is massive.  Second, the prices are fantastic.  Third, it’s like a mile from the new  house.  This could be a real challenge to my resolution not to buy any more crafting supplies.  I got out with minimal damage this time, but I think I may have to have an accountability partner to go back.  Seriously.

$.99 Cottons

Fantastic Flannel for $3.50

Designer Fabrics under $5

On the bright side, I went to a knitting guild (Goal #5, check), so maybe that evens it out a little and I’m haven’t totally failed at my resolutions.

Blogger’s Choice Fabric Bundle

Heaven knows I love to window shop online fabric shops, so I was pretty excited to find a good excuse to do just that yesterday.  Fat Quarter Shop is giving all of us all a chance to design (and of course, win) our very own Blogger’s Choice Fabric Bundle.

  1. Crazy Daisy Turquoise Tile (SKU# 4642-84)
  2. Mechanical Genius Navy Hexagon Geo (SKU# C8997-NAVY)
  3. Strawberry Tea Party Herb Honey Vine (SKU# CX4534-HERB-D)
  4. Whimsy Teal Box Lattice (SKU# 5601-11)
  5. Mechanical Genius Navy Stripe (SKU# C8998-NAVY)
  6. Annie’s Farm Stand Green Pixie Dot (SKU# 10083-Green)
  7. Neighborhood Turquoise Tic Tac Toe (SKU# C8852-TURQUOISE)
  8. Get Together Navy Flock of Birds (SKU# PWDW067-NAVYX)
  9. Ruby Cotton Lime Sundae (SKU# 55037-16)
  10. Circa 52 Organic Teal Starburst (SKU# JM17-TEAL)
  11. Crazy Daisy Yellow Rhythm (SKU# 4645-33)
  12. Orange Crush Citrus Little Triangles (SKU# C8970-CITRUS)
  13. Pure Elements Cozumel Blue Solid (SKU# PE-402)
  14. Bella Solids Grass (SKU# 9900-101)
  15. Bella Solids Cheddar (SKU# 9900-152)

I’ve been wanting to do a quilt using this scheme since I saw this Color Collective Photo.  Maybe I’ll get the chance now!

Have a little time to kill now that the holiday rush is over?  Head over to the Fat Quarter Shop and make your own bundle for a chance to win!  Rules and contest link up at Quokka Quilt.

SMS Giveaway Day

I love Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day and I almost missed it this year!  This is my first real week back in PA after traveling over 7,000 miles this month.  I’m pretty tired, so we’re going to keep it simple, but it’s great to get to share a little of my souvenir fabric with you all!

I picked up these lovely yellow fabrics (all 100% cotton quilting weight) in Tijuana, Mexico last week and I’ll share a fat quarter of each with the winner.  To enter, just tell me where you would take your next trip if time and money weren’t issues, and we’ll let the random number generator pick a winner.  International entries welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!  Jill

*****Update 12/16/11 5:00pm to select a winner by RNG.  See next post for winner details*****


Giveaway Day

Thanks for stopping by FFP, but this give away has closed. 

We just wrapped up the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, one of my favorite events of the quilt blogosphere and now we’re already here at another favorite, Giveaway Day, organized by the fabulous folks over at Sew, Mama, Sew.  I’m doing two separate giveaways this time around, so make sure you keep reading.  Also, please note, as much as I love international readers, due to the bulk of these prizes, I could only open these giveaways to the USA readers.

String Quilters Delight

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably seen a whole lotta stings lately, like this

and this

and this

You get the idea, I love string quilting.  There is a time and place for technical, precise piece work, but there is a also a lot of time and space in my stressed out life for the freedom of improv strings!  Maybe you need some free spirited string quilting in your life?

The Prize:  4+ yards Kona Cotton Solids and all of the strings that I can fit into this medium flat rate shipping box.  These are some pretty top notch strings, lots of Kaffee Fassett, Amy Butler, and Anna Maria Horner, just to name a few.  Most are width of fabric, though there are shorter lengths too and they are all 1-4″ wide. 

To Enter: Guess how many strings will fit in this medium size flat rate box.  Your guess is as good as mine, I’m not done ironing them and stuffing them in there.  Closest guess without going over will win.  In case of a tie I will draw between closest guesses for the winner.

Charity Sewing Giveaway

I’ve been very blessed with more fabric for charity quilting than I could probably use in ten years, though I swear that I’m trying.  I’d like to pass some of the stash along so it gets put to good use a bit sooner!

First Prize: A large flat rate box stuffed as full as I can get it with fabrics for charity quilting/sewing, including some seriously huge cuts of fabric (think like ten yard cuts) so you have easy backings if you’re doing quilting.  And there just might be some nice pieces of designer fabric tucked in, my little thank you for your good work 😉

Second Prize: A medium flat rate box of quilting fabric for charity sewing.  And yes, surprises for you as well. 

To Enter: Tell me what charity you sew for.  It can be the name of an organization or a group of people (i.e. the homeless, cancer patients, etc.)  Please make the charity name/group the first word of your comment, say anything you want afterward.  Winner will be selected alphabetically (Word 5, Page 100 of the book I’m currently reading).  Again, in case of a tie, I will draw names for a tie-breaker.

General Giveaway Details: Open until May 25, 2011 11:59 EST.  You are free to enter both giveaways, but please do so in separate comments.  Giveaways open to USA residents only (APO addresses included).  You must have an email address associated with your comment to win, if it is not in your profile, please put it in the comment as follows: name(at)domain(dot)com.  Entries with no email address in the profile or comment will be disqualified.  Please be watching your email on the May 26 and reply with a shipping address by May 27.  If I don’t get an address for you, an alternate winner will be chosen. 

If you haven’t already, head over to the list of giveaways here:

Good luck everyone– Jill

Stash Sunday

I’m not usually a stash Sunday type of girl, mostly because the little designer fabric that I have is bought on extreme clearance a year after everyone else has it. Girl on a budget, you know.  And even if I had the money, I need more fabric, well like…I don’t.  But I had an amazing fabric find recently at the Scrap Exchange and who can resist at $2/yard?

My favorite two stripes

I have about 15 WIPS.  I need to move.  And find a new job.  But I got to tell you, it’s taking a lot of will power not to start cutting into this.  I’m just dying to put it with some charcoal and make HSTs!