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This was a stretch for me color-wise because reds and oranges aren’t my go to’s, but I’m glad that I stretched because I LOVE it.


I’m also in love with the print on the back and so glad I finally found a place for it.

Cornered with Back 2

Until next time.  Jill


Start to Finish

Baby Shapes on Fence

My latest finish

Scrap Pile

After rummaging through a pile of scraps I settled on a color palette

Scrap Colors

Thoroughly enjoyed my newish design wall to work on the layout

Piecing in progress

Improv piecing the back (FYI- this is a really bad idea for hand quilters, not exactly fun to quilt through.  Not that it will keep me from doing is again, but…)

Improv in progress

Quilting lots and lots of clam shells

Baby Shapes Block


Baby Shapes

A special prayer for my best friend’s new baby (borrowed from my church)

Baby Shapes Back on Fence 1

(Pattern adapted from From Modern Shapes Sampler by Sarah Flynn in Modern Baby)

10,351.5 Inches

3 months (off and on) piecing

15 months (off and on) hand quilting all 10,351.5 square inches

Hating the quilt

1 frantic 36 hour binding mad dash

Falling back in love with the finished quilt

Megan's Wedding Quilt

See it in person along with a fabulous collection of quilts from the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild.  It will be on display at Harrisburg Historic Association throughout September and October- details here.

Festival of Strings: Twin Quilts for Twin Girls

Twin Strings

I’ve made a lot of quilts over the years and most of them I’ve liked quite a bit.  But if I had to sum up my quilting style in one work- this pair of quilts would be it.  Scrappy.  Traditional pattern and hand quilting.  Modern fabrics.  Bold printed back.  One wonky, one precise- Ireally go both ways on that one.  My favorite colors- purple and aqua.  And made for a wonderful couple to celebrate their twin daughters.


Also, well timed!  I didn’t plan these for the Festival of Strings, but I just finished up the second one last week, so it couldn’t have worked out better.


I’ve been hanging on to these cool IKEA fabrics for several years now and was glad to finally put them to good use.


Like nearly all of my quilts, even these favorites, they don’t get to stay in my house long, they’re off to North Carolina next week.  But that just frees me up to work on my next favorite quilt!




Postage Stamp Stars

Since I shared about the PA Relief Sale yesterday, it seemed like a great time to show off the quilt that I made from the fabric I bought as last year’s sale.  Given my addiction to scrappy quilts, I was smitten with the bags of vintage postage stamps.  They were great to have on hand beside my machine for leader-enders,  and it seemed like I had tons of postage stamp blocks in no time at all.  So when I needed another quilt for my church, the blocks seemed like a great time to use some of them.

Postage Stamp Stars 2


Hopefully this quilt is being already being enjoyed by one of the newest little members of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship!

Sofiya’s Dresden: Blogger’s Quilt Festival Fall 2012

I was all worried that I didn’t have a quilt to share for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival this time around.  I know it doesn’t have to be a new quilt, but I always worry that I’m being boring showing the same quilt more than once.  But, somewhere in the back of my head, I managed to remember that I had held off posting about Sofiya’s Dresden Plate Quilt when I finished it in January.  It was being presented at our church and I wanted to keep it a bit of surprise, but then I just forgot after it was presented, so there we go, a new quilt, rediscovered, just in time for the BQF.

Sofiya’s Dredsen was made for the latest baby born at my North Carolina Church.  For a little of around 50, they kept me busy with six baby quilts last year.  I’ve had a little break now, but we’ve got three more coming up now.  My North Carolina Church has been so supportive of me as a quilter and as a person, even though I’m now back in Pennsylvania, so making each of their quilts is really special to me.

The back

And the quilting

Amy, who so graciously hosts this fun for all of us twice a year, has suggested that we include the following info to help people in voting for their favorite quilts.

  • Quilt Measurements: Roughly 40×50, I never really bother to measure my quilts, and it’s now happy in it’s new home, so I’m not going to swear to exact size.  It’s a healthy sized baby quilt.
  • Special Techniques Used: Hand Appliqued, Hand Quilted
  • Quilted by: Me
  • Best category: Baby Quilt or Hand Quilted

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hopefully I’ll be by your blog soon, I always find new and inspiring people during this festival, I really look forward to seeing everyone’s work.

There is Hope for the Long Term WIPs

Today I’m celebrating a big finish.  The Blue String Quilt which was started before this blog and appeared on my very first WIP list here is FINALLY finished.  Now it’s ready to head off to it’s new home this week, celebrating my cousin’s wedding.



It’s hard to find modern quilting stencils for hand quilting, so I very happy to come across TSC Designs earlier this year.  Although not designed for quilter’s specifically, they work great and they have wonderful modern stencils.

I really love being able to give a quilt for a wedding gift and I hope that my cousin and his new wife enjoy it!