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Rainbow Orange Peels: Finished

I absolutely love how the this quilt turned out.


After I machine appliqued the petals, I was dying to get back to hand work, so it is hand quilted.


The orange peel design pops great on the back from the quilting.


And now it’s off to it’s new home in North Carolina.

Until next time!  Jill


Start to Finish

Baby Shapes on Fence

My latest finish

Scrap Pile

After rummaging through a pile of scraps I settled on a color palette

Scrap Colors

Thoroughly enjoyed my newish design wall to work on the layout

Piecing in progress

Improv piecing the back (FYI- this is a really bad idea for hand quilters, not exactly fun to quilt through.  Not that it will keep me from doing is again, but…)

Improv in progress

Quilting lots and lots of clam shells

Baby Shapes Block


Baby Shapes

A special prayer for my best friend’s new baby (borrowed from my church)

Baby Shapes Back on Fence 1

(Pattern adapted from From Modern Shapes Sampler by Sarah Flynn in Modern Baby)

Still Quilting

Things are hard right now.  Really hard.  It’s been an incredibly hard year all around.  Moving for a new job that didn’t work out.  Worrying about when/if I’m going to have to move again.  Losing my Grandmother.  Losing my Uncle three days later.  Things are hard and I am pretty much exhausted.

I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about quilting after losing Ma.  I was worried that the joy would just go out of it for me.  But during one of the last visits I had with her while she was still coherent, she kept asking the hospital staff that came into the room if they wanted to see something beautiful, and telling me to show them the quilt I was working on, a version of the butterfly quilt I’d made for her this spring.  That’s what I think about when I’m quilting now, how quilting was something special that we shared right up to the end.  And how proud she was to have someone continue the tradition.

So, I’m still quilting.  Sometimes it is too hard and I have to walk away.  But mostly I get lost in the repetition and driven to finish just one more block, then one more after that.  And right now, getting lost in an endless stream of tiny hand stitches seems like the perfect distraction.  So I just keep quilting.

A Quilt for the Quiltmaker: Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Spring 2012

My very first quilt, my childhood special blanky, was from Ma (my maternal grandmother).  I treasure each of the quilts she’s made for me.  She not only taught me to quilt, I learned the joy of giving from her, a woman who made so many lap quilts for the local nursing homes over the years, that she ended up getting one she made when she had to go to the nursing home this year.

We’ve been very blessed in my family to enjoy my Grandparents living long and healthy lives.  This January when I moved to Harrisburg, both of my Mother’s parents were with me, Pa helping to reassemble furniture and Ma setting up my pantry.  And in February we all celebrated my Grandfather’s 90th birthday.

It was a hard decision to move back to Pennsylvania, but being closer to my Grandparents was definitely on the Pro list.  Unfortunately that became even more true the past two months as Ma’s health steadily declined.  And as she’s been back and forth between the hospital and the nursing home, I’ve been incredibly grateful that I’m just two hours away and able to visit often.

She seems to finally be on the mend a bit now, though her mobility is still quite limited, but when she first went into the hospital we really had no idea what was going on and I was worried sick about her.  That first week, sitting in my apartment two hours away seemed much to far.  I absolutely HAD to do something to keep busy.  So, I channeled my grandmother as best I could, and cleaned my apartment to within an inch of it’s life, baked some cookies, and made a quilt.

I started with some handkerchief butterfly blocks that were appliqued and given to me by my other grandmother. I embroidered them, pieced the top, sandwiched, and hand quilted the quilt in a little under two weeks.

Though it’s not my modern style, it is the most important quilt I’ve ever made, perhaps the most important quilt I could ever make.  I hope Ma knows exactly how much it means to me to share the love of quilting with her.  More importantly, I hope she knows that I fell in love with quilting because of how much I love her and love spending time with her.  I’m at a loss for words to say how proud I am to be her granddaughter, so I’ll just close with the quilt label:

To Ma, with love, Jill

I know this is a lot of story for the BQF, when there are so many blogs to visit and so many quilts to see, so if you’ve read the whole way to the end here, thank you for taking that time.  I hope you enjoy all the quilts in the festival.   I know I can’t wait for a good evening of virtual quilt show.  And, of course, a big thank you to Amy for hosting this again!

WIP Wednesday 5

WIP Wednesday 5 in May?  Yeah, 2012 is not the year of the blog for me, obviously.  At least I’m getting one of these a month.


Four finishes since I last posted.  Some stripey socks for me, which I made mostly at lunchtime at the office and now have taken to wearing around our over air conditioned office, both to the puzzlement of my non crafty co-workers.  I’m saving the big  super special butterfly quilt for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (this Friday)!  Sent out my 4×5 Bee blocks and wrapped up my first quarter as a Hive Caretaker, which was a lot of fun.

And just this weekend finished up Sunny Day Dresden.

I’ve really been on a dresden kick, haven’t I?  Think it’s time for me to shift to a new project.  Luckily, there are no shortages of those.


1. Wedding Quilt (Really needs a better name than that, but it just hasn’t come to me yet, suggestions welcome)

The borders are on, the batting is at my house, and I’ve got a friend coming to help me sandwich the beast this Thursday!


2. Scrappy Blocks

Finally settled on a zig zag type of design for these and I’ve been piecing them as leader/enders for awhile now.  Seems I’ll be needing to make quite a few more though if I want this to go on my bed (and I really do!)

3. Black and White Values

New project?  Nope, even better, two year old project being resurrected and finally getting finished.  Decide that I ought to look through my abandon project boxes (yeah, there are four of them, boxes, not projects) before starting something new, and what do you know, I found projects that work for both of the cousin wedding presents I need to make!


4. Blue String Quilt

The second revived abandoned project.  Sandwiched this last week and now it’s in the lap frame.


5. Socks- One of my crafting resolutions for 2012 was socks with heels.  Well, we’re not even close to the heel yet, and I feel like I’m knitting with toothpicks on these size 1 needles, but at least I’m started on them!

Waiting to be Quilted

6. Super Star

7. Four Patch

8. Sweet Geese

Well, here’s hoping that extended summer evening sun will mean posts a bit more often.  More WIP goodness at Lee‘s.

4×5 Bee Blocks and High Aspirations

Finished up my 4×5 Bee Blocks this week!

Now, with 8 days left in NC, here are my incredibly realistic goals: finish quilting and bind 1 twin sized quilt and 1 wall hanging, make 6 blocks for the 3×6 Bee, and use up the rest of my scrap yarn for homeless shelter scarves (probably two more scarves).  Totally possible, right?  Gotta go make my fingers move like the wind!

Starring Anna: Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Fall 2011

If you’re stopping by for the first time from the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, welcome to my little corner of the quilt-blogosphere!  Isn’t the best part of BQF discovering to new and inspiring blogs?  I’ve found some fantastic quilters, not to mention the whole of the quilt blogosphere, through this festival, so let’s just say I’m officially a fan.

I just finished up Starring Anna for the newest little baby at my church, the adorable Anna.  I’ve wanted to do this wonky overall star pattern for a long time now, so I was really excited to be given free reign on this quilt, all the parents asked for was bright colors and maybe some green.

It was a bit of a challenge for me to figure out how to quilt this without distracting from the stars.  I debated outlining every other star, outlining the inside of the stars, straight line, and wavy lines.  I think this was the right direction.

For the back, I found this pear print that’s been in my stash for quite awhile.  The colors are just perfect and the print is fun.  And of course, my signature embroidery label for church quilts.

I love this quilt, but it’s also a sad one for me.  I will be making at least one more church quilt, but this is that last one that I will be around to present to the new baby and family.  In three weeks, I’ll be moving back to Pennsylvania to continue my job hunt and hopefully return to school.  It’s been a true delight to be a part of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship for the past two and a half years and an honor to celebrate the growth of the congregation this past year with baby quilts.  One of the things that I’ll miss most about North Carolina is being a part of a wonderful congregation that has given me, amongst many other things, a place to be affirmed as a person with gifts to share and a place in the church to share them.

I hope everyone is enjoying the oodles of inspiration over at Amy’s.  I know I’m forward to a great evening of blog hopping later this week!