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This was a stretch for me color-wise because reds and oranges aren’t my go to’s, but I’m glad that I stretched because I LOVE it.


I’m also in love with the print on the back and so glad I finally found a place for it.

Cornered with Back 2

Until next time.  Jill


Abandoned Quilt Tops

At one point I was over 50 works in progress, which is ridiculous.  I don’t mind having multiple projects going but there is an upper limit which one should not exceed I think and 50 is over it.   So, for December and January, my goal has been to clean out, finish up, donate.  Lots of fabric has gone to LCR.  But more exciting to me, lots of tops are getting knotted to go off to nursing homes.

Charity Quilts 1 Postage Stamps Zig Zag #2

It feels wonderful to have them off my list and out of my house.  And even better that they are, hopefully, bringing some warmth and cheer to someone who needs it.

If you have old tops laying around this a great easy way to finish them up quickly- just knot them up and give them away.  And if you’re not interested in that, please think about donating them to Quilter’s Attic for the Mennonite Relief Sale or Lancaster Creative Reuse so someone else can put them to good use!

Until next time,



Are you a leader?

My current leader-ender* project.

Leader Ender

Or, at 1/2″ finished squares, perhaps proof that I’m basically insane.

*Leader Enders are scrap projects that I piece at the start and end of piecing main projects to reduce the need to rethread the sewing machine needle.

Postage Stamp Stars

Since I shared about the PA Relief Sale yesterday, it seemed like a great time to show off the quilt that I made from the fabric I bought as last year’s sale.  Given my addiction to scrappy quilts, I was smitten with the bags of vintage postage stamps.  They were great to have on hand beside my machine for leader-enders,  and it seemed like I had tons of postage stamp blocks in no time at all.  So when I needed another quilt for my church, the blocks seemed like a great time to use some of them.

Postage Stamp Stars 2


Hopefully this quilt is being already being enjoyed by one of the newest little members of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship!