Rainy Day Quilts

Thanks to an early Christmas present, I’m back in the computing world!  If I had to be offline, it was fairly well timed, most of what I’ve been working on is Christmas gifts and I can’t share it yet anyway.

One project, or set of projects rather, that I got done and can share though is a group of quilts I’m calling the “Rainy Day Quilts.”  Harrisburg was spared almost all of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, but initially it was predicted to be quite bad here, and given the terrible flooding this area had last year, people were very nervous, and very prepared.  I decided that I had better prepare my basement dwelling sewing room.  All the most important stuff (the WIPs, the machines, vintage fabrics, anything that was my grandmothers, my shop inventory) came upstairs.  Everything else got put up on the tables, stacked to the ceilings, ready to haul it upstairs as quickly as possible if the need arose.

I am aware I own way too much fabric

I admit it, I own way too much sewing stuff

Well, fortunately, my house didn’t even get a drop of water  (double plus bonus, my sewing room got a really good cleaning).  But while all those WIPs were upstairs, I decided that I really ought to sort through them and finish some of them.  So, that’s how I spent most of my two rain days- piecing, machine quilting, knotting, and binding 5 baby quilts/lap quilts that either I or my Grandmother had in progress.

Rainy Day Quilts Donated in Honor of Florence Walker

Rainy Day Quilts donated in honor of Florence Walker

So this Christmas, five little quilts are off to new babies in low income families and nursing homes in my grandmother’s honor and I have less chaos in the sewing room for an all around win.  Not too bad for two stormy days work.

Great to be back!  Hopefully more updates soon!


4 responses to “Rainy Day Quilts

  1. Hi! I’m happy to hear that your sewing room didn’t get ‘washed’ but cleaned. I don’t think there can be too much sewinng stuff! Your quilts are beautiful and they will be loved. Merry Christmas to you! x Teje

  2. Those are beautiful. They look great hanging there on the line. Somebody is really going to enjoy those. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yesr.

  3. The very day I started to turn my son’s old room into a sewing room, he left a message for me saying he’d broken up with his girlfriend, and was moving back in with us that night. It was like safety net ESP.

  4. lovely quilts and how generous of you to donate them

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